Playing Cards with Art of Play

Just when you thought poker couldn’t get any manlier, you come across these Vintage Plaid Playing Cards ($6). With decks sporting grandpa-stylish plaids, these regulation cards feature extras like an illustrated Buck for a joker, crossword puzzles, and even a recipe for the world’s oldest known cocktail, the Sazerac. They’re printed by the D&D custom Playing Cards Company in the USA on a premium stock with a cambric finish, and come in a snazzy leatherette box.

Playing Cards

GOfundMe Peter Danihel

BC Racing Distributor Launches in Canada

Our friends at Revwerks have recently taken the entire distribution contracts for Canada and have launched the official BC Racing Coilovers for performance vehicles outlet online store today. The outlet gives the public a major discount on these coilovers and is a great opportunity to obtain these quality products.

We love these coilovers, they are not only quality but priced extremely well!

-Rhys @ Revwerks

Adam at XOXO reveals new artists

We recently had an interview with Adam Hurstfield at XOXO and he leaked some exciting new information regarding his new artist lineup. In 2012 he signed CELEB, an ultra talented rapper and hook mastermind from the streets of Calgary. Not many artists originate from the Calgary region however, Celeb has proven to stand out from the typical Calgary crowd! Stay tuned for his upcoming single My Boo featuring Craig Smart by Celeb.

Stay tuned for Money Chicks Sex Fame by Adam H, Ray J and Elise Estrada.

Adam Hurstfield on Real Housewives on Vancouver.

Entertainment in Vancouver.

Vancity Vogue Adam Hurstfield